Asterisk Talks2021

ASTERISK TALKS (A******* Talks) is an online platform of stories and talks touching the topics of artistic freedom and censorship. It aims to break through the power structures that silenced international artists through censorship. In order to achieve that, A-Talks is committed to deliver novel content through the medium of personal and intimate stories of lived experiences from censored artists around the world to a wide audience. Ultimately, A-Talks hopes to create learning experiences and create engaging conversations and interactions between censored artists and their audience.

This project has been completed with the exclusive participation of artists Serhii Zakharov, HunKyu Kim, Camille de Buhren and Kristen Liu-Wong. It consists in two platforms: one website and one virtual space; which both communicated the testimonies and stories of the censored artists.

The website hosted the stories and the information about the project in an familiar and accessible way. The virtual space hosted the stories in an immersive way and also served as an event platform, in which artists, educators and any special guest could hold a talk about the topic of censorship and artistic freedom.
Each week, one artist would be highlighted in the event room with their artwork being displayed, beisde their personal room being accessible at all times.

(Field) Web VR, Digial Curation, Digital Initiative, 3D
(Tool used) Blender, Spoke, Illustrator, Indesign
(Collaborator) Minrong Chen, Pierre Engelhard, Weiran Yao

Link to the Virtual Space

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