I want a big house

Living in the digital age, we are surrounded by spectacles that are constructed by culture and media. The narrative explores the journey of us being engaged with the online property market, then harsh real life reveals it was not as imagined. Thus, it evokes our doubt whether we are seeing reality or a deceptive reality.

By referring to Walter Benjamin’s idea on how images would increase in value based on our imagination, in this case, the value of the simulation that we saw is increased by our subjective fabrication. In the contemporary age, we are favouring in adding a frame to the image that we would like to present.

* Edit.01

I came up with two approaches with the same content, using different ways of editing. I found it interesting how I received different responses from different audiences. The two approaches examined how simple design element can change views by different generations and different cultures, which brought me with thoughts on using visual languages in a more comprehensive and concentrated way.

(Digital film)

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