Not Yet Souvenirs2020

Based on collecting participants’ sketches of their dream travel destinations, Not Yet Souvenirs envisions future presentations of people’s dream travels destinations through images created by generative adversarial network. As we are unconsciously collecting and influenced by images portrayed by others. We memorise the elements of images selectively. And when we draw, again, we are unconsciously exporting a portrayed version of memory...

Meanwhile, by looking at the concept of landmark, the project demonstrates how human and machine perceives and memories. As we are living in an era of profound and fast change, only the one that is short, fast and fresh, can stands out from the unprecedented flow of images. Not Yet Souvenirs speculates a future that the world's famous monuments  which will be entered in a ever-morphing state in order to gather tourists’ interest!

(Field) Speculative Design, Machine Learning, Printed Matters, Moving Image
(Tool used) RunwayML, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects

© Jingyin Luo, 2022