On Hybridised Safari2021

On Hybridised Safari is a speculative tour on the future baseline and public perceptions of long-term environmental change. We invite people from today to venture through a new visionary ecological reality, where “nature” and “machine” fused together into new multispecies. And what exactly remains “organic” of this new ontological fusion is open to question. This audio-visual ecological expedition is experimentation on taking precautions on environmental nostalgia. As we believe awareness and foresight of the future environment is critical to reflect and evaluate current conditions, we hope On Hybridised Safari would drive our audiences to rethought and redefine this baseline. Hence to encourage greater intergenerational communication, and comprehend change and set effective conservative plans for the future.

(Field) Speculative Design, Moving Image, 3D Animation, AR Prototype
(Tool used) Blender, Ableton Live, Premiere Pro, After Effects
(Collaborator) Minrong Chen

(AR Prototype)

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