✷ OPTICAL 19  

Dinner party in the lift, trying out our film to be viewed in the current enviornment, and observing people's interaction with it.

City is mainly constructed with cold and lifeless concrete and metals. The existence of human contributes “heat” to the city, and our “heat” differentiate us from machines and robots. With the rise of digital platforms and technologies, we envision a future where all communication and lives occur virtually, people will co-exist with replicants and artificial intelligence, the way of community existence hence will be changed. Individuals will end up living in a metaphorical “box”, with no physical and thermal interaction with one-another. This one-minute short film acts as the content of an immersive time capsule of 2019 for people from 100 years later to watch. This experiential experience explores the beauty of contemporary cityscape with the physical existence and interactions of human beings. By capturing fragmental live-action documentations of people within the metropolis, the project aims to offer an opportunity for the spectators to reflect on the influences that computer and artificial intelligence brings, also to rebuild a physical community of those with a common interest.

(Year) 2019
(Field) Moving Image, Speculative Design, Immersive Experience
(Collaborator) Cynthia Meng
(Event Design Team) Yukari Ono, David Frame

Link to THE TIME CAPSULE(360 Demonstration), which is a lift that will be exhibited in 2119.

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