(Re)emergence, is the final graduation show of RCA MA Digital Direction 2022. Communities, controversies; species, technologies; ourselves, each other. Stories circulate everywhere. In the relationships we create, the things we believe, the memories we store and the spaces we inhabit. In the small transitions that often pass unnoticed, the events that influence our behaviours, and the radical shifts that reconfigure our lives, stories materialise, are shaped, told, heard, stored and recalled. By humans. By machines.

Emerging from family histories, ecological disasters, societal injustices, community identities, existential threats, the stories presented in our exhibition confront the entangled relationships between nature, beings, technologies and places in our world today.

(Field) Visual Identity, Website, Art Direction
(Tool used) Cargo <HTML/CSS>, Illustrator, After Effects, Indesign
(Collaborator) Jamilya Kulambayeva, Cynthia Meng

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