How can we remain independent and express our freedoms in a world shaped by surveillance capitalism? How can technology be used cooperatively to explore vital experiences of intimacy with the spaces that surround us? SPONTANEOUS WANDERING is an exploration of sensuous and spiritual embodiment, an attempt to re-centre the bonds between our bodies and the sensuous terrains we inhabit through an examination of our relationships with technology. By turning a wooden stick into a micro controller, and with the use of a breath sensor, Spontaneous Wandering is an audio-visual installation that involves a particular form of interaction with an audience where they will be required to make sounds through the use of a singing bowl. Their presence registers as data through the way that they play the bowl, which in turn trigger a sonic experience that stimulates intuitive sense and reaction. Moreover, this personal sensuous development registers through breath, triggering visualisations from the machine, who functions as the external observer.

(Year) 2022
(Field) Interactive, Audiovisual, Immersive Expererience

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