THE DATA POLLUTION looks at digital leftovers that we produce during our daily non-physical presence. We are producing an enormous amount of data without any awareness every day. I am picturing our trail of data as being shed skin and hairs from our bodies; although we take shower and change our clothes every day, our bodies are producing metabolites inevitably. We are constantly calling to construct an environmental and sustainable society, but have we ever pay attention to the digital waste that we have produced? I choose to use domestic unnoticeable disposal as a metaphor to visualise data trail. By creating a physical vision of accumulation of data, being flooded in overlooked semi-personal places, I intend to reveal the invasion of the unprecedented global flow of data. Hence to point out that we are the boiling frogs who are creeping normality.

(Year) 2029
(Field) Speculative Design, Immersive Experience, Virtual Reality

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