THE TIDAL DISPATCH is a website-based experience that takes the users through a journey of algorithm-generated biases and that, in the end, reflects on how those algorithms might mediate in the future of fiction while, at the same time, question how they speak from the contemporary westernised dominant perspectives. The river serves the narrative as a metaphor for the main stream of data that feeds the algorithms, where small currents or waves (inputs containing a diversity of truths) are able to restructure it, or aiding to neutralise the presence of biases. The website is designed as an orientative immersive experience, where visitors will be informed with a short introductory film when they first land on it. Then visitors will be led to the next page, where they can expect to find 19 anecdotes of AI generated stories about us, which are being placed along the river. Each one of the stories is accompanied by a responsive audio-visual generated by Touch-Designer that is meant to represent currents of data. When visitors scroll down, they are invited to see an amalgamation of the stream of biased stories, which lead them to a discussion forum.(Year) 2021
(Field) Web Design, Moving Image, Immersive Storytelling, Machine Learning
(Collaborator) Minrong Chen, Yiqing Chen, Anna Farre, Wei Zhang

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