The Tidal Dispatch2021

Can AI be retrained through inclusivity and decolonisation? The Tidal Dispatch is a both website based and site specific experience that takes the audients through algorithm-generated biased stories of thier creators. Based on the single input of a [true] sentence or fact, algorithms (GPT3) carries on in writing fictIons with tremendous biases.  

The Tidel Dispatch invites audience to engage and contribute their throughts and stories, while the river serves the narrative as a metaphor for the main stream of data that feeds the algorithms, and small currents or waves (inputs containing a diversity of truths) are able to restructure it, or aiding to neutralise the presence of biases.  The audience is also able to trigger the experience once they find one of the bottles contains a QR code at the shore of the Thames.

(Field) Website, Moving Image, Digital Initiative, Immersive Storytelling, Data visualisation, 3D
(Tool used) Wordpress <HTML/CSS/Javascript>, Touchdesigner, GTP3, Cinema 4D, Blender, After Effect, Illustrator, Ableton Live
(Collaborator) Minrong Chen, Yiqing Chen, Anna Farre, Wei Zhang

(Help to Neutralise the Stories)
Participatory workshop

(Site Specific AR Prototype)

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