↪︎ The brief

Through separating our reality into fragmented pieces, it formed a lot of thresholds that allowed us to explore. Similarly, in technological systems, these thresholds also exist and can sometimes be considered faulty. By going down these “errors”, we are encouraged to add in subjectivity, to re-imagine the system...


To manifest a reconsideration of situationist’s thoughts on “the restrictive urban setting” within Visual Communication Design.
(Guy Debord)


To communicate multi-layered visions, and aiming to open a gateway of seeing the human-made technologies as a form of disruption↝disruptions and accidents could be viewed as positive acts!


To explore how imagery shift in its visual and contextual way
(John Berger)


To challenge the materiality of design method and the
process of digitalisation. Human in juxtaposition with machinery, we coexist, collaborate and empower each other with the ability of expression.


Our position↝to be both the practitioner and the observer of this transformation.


A reaction based on the current situation, we are adapting our roles as designers, whilst staying in the same dwelling and facing the fact that we are dependent on technologies in order to connect with the world. We are intrigued by daily cooking, an act that would both nourish our creative mindset and physical body. We would like to incorporate both of the idea, “a chef as a
designer” and “a designer as a chef”, by associating and experimenting image making with cooking. By applying cooking technologies and methologies as an analogy, it is time to have some playful image cooking!

↪︎Process of building up the interface

↪︎Demonstration of the interface

*We are still working towards publishing the interface.

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